Sweet & Smoky Kansas City

Step 1. Confirm we are both on the same page here talking about Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas. (I did cross over the border once to go on the world’s tallest waterslide (Verruckt) at Schlitterbahn Waterpark, but it is now closed, and for a really really sad reason.)

Step 2. If you don’t like BBQ you are going to hate this post, so carry on, wayward son.

Kansas City is such a fun little town – you can knock this out in a long weekend. Follow my lead:

  1. Stay in an airbnb – most the hotels are full of convention folk and your price is higher to make up for that discounted room they took.
  2. Eat all the BBQ. Especially Oklahoma Joe’s (aka Joe’s KC BBQ). Don’t be alarmed, it is in a gas station.
  3. Drink all the beer. Especially Boulevard Brewing Company – they have a fun tour.
  4. Watch all the sports. The Chief’s and the Royals are hella far away from downtown, but since you spend half the day at a game anyway, oh well. Pro-tip: Royals stadium has an AC’d bar in right field.
  5. Dance to all the music. Kansas City Live in the Power & Light District is this little neighborhood, fenced in, with a live music stage, shopping, bars, food and fun. It is really a great time and most everyone is in good spirits there. They also have spirits inside of them. 2 for 1 shots at the dueling piano bar.
  6. See all the things. There are tons of museums, a zoo, tours etc. tripadvisor.com planned my weekend out.

One thing to note about Kansas City – if you are not a walker, rent a car. The streets are super hilly, and I mean SUPER hilly. They also have lyft (use my code for a free ride) if you plan to have a few adult beverages.

Every time I go to Kansas City I feel like I mainly run into tourists – does anyone actually live in this town? Never the less, everyone has been super nice. The event venue right downtown was fun and organized for a Mumford and Sons concert, and the convention center was easy to navigate.

The downtown is dead during the day on the weekends. Most restaurants are not even open! The buses to the stadiums on the weekends run so sporadic, if you don’t have a car, you can ring up a hefty lyft bill, like yours truly.

Lick your fingers clean of that sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.


Friendly reminder that the middle seat gets both armrests.

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