Grazie, Florence and Tuscany

Florence, Italy – beautiful, yummy and small enough to knock it out in a few days. Florence has a unique existence – full of culture and well, leather. Tons and tons of leather. The streets (can you really call them that when a car can barely fit down them?) are made of stones – making it difficult to travel with suitcases. Once a tour bus hits town, make your run for it! Small airport, small bus station, small everything that makes it even that much more special. By staying true to its roots, it keeps this sense of mystery, that I truly love.

We stayed in this airbnb right in town. There appeared to be more of those available over hotels during our visit. The climb up the stairs with 50lbs of luggage was the only downfall (I think I actually did fall down once or twice). Oh, and the AC doesn’t turn on until 11 p.m., but the host is awesome and flexible and the location can’t be beat!

Bring an empty suitcase to fill with leather products – there is plenty to choose from. Check out the rows and rows of local market.

The city center is very pretty and there are outdoor cafes all around to stop and grab a bite or drink. It is also home to the Santa Maria del Fiore, the third largest church in the world.

David is at the Accademia Gallery. He coo. Buy your ticket in advance with skip the line, walk in, take your picture, walk out. Boom 8 minutes flat.

So much yummy food, but I strongly suggest making a reso at Trattoria Gargani.

We booked tickets to the Uffizi Gallery, but ended up not going to it after hearing feedback from tourists and review sites of just ‘meh’. But check it out for yourself if you are into that kind of thing!

Tuscany, Italy – we were spoiled with a fabulous bride and groom that booked the most beautiful villa and had the most perfect wedding. Shout out to the Tuscan Mommy’s for keeping our bellies full while we laid by the pool sipping that glorious Italian wine. The Borgo is a b+b on site of the villa and was simply adorable.

A day trip from the Villa/Borgo is the town of Volterra. Tons of little jewelry shops, wine and cheese stores and sites for days. Don’t drive downtown in the city center. Trust me.

Italy has so much more I need to explore, hopefully there is another Italian post in my near future.


Friendly reminder that the middle seat gets both armrests.

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